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      Tailored, Individualized Solutions.

      Veterinarian Partners offers flexible solutions to meeting your individual goals.

      Our Process


      We get to know you and your specific goals to understand how we can help.


      We create a customized Value Creation Plan with you to help you meet your goals.

      Flexible Solutions for All Veterinarians

      Experienced & Retiring Veterinarians

      Sell, Partner and continue practicing.

      You have spent your professional life building the practice of your dreams. Whether or not you retire outright, we’ll build a thoughtful succession plan to preserve and enhance the legacy you’ve built.

      • Realize value for your years of hard work
      • Access to flexible capital
      • Develop a solid succession plan
      • Protect patient and client interests

      Experienced Associate Veterinarians

      Partner and lead your own, new practice.

      You are hitting your stride in your career, but feel encumbered by administrative responsibilities. Let’s finally get around to building that unique Value Creation Plan you’ve been dreaming of.

      • Spend more time leading and less time managing
      • Enhance your income and build wealth
      • De-risk your career
      • Access to our Clinical Advisory Board

      Graduating Veterinarians

      Partner and build a group practice.

      Partnership is for new doctors, too! Veterinarian Partners has the resources and flexibility to help recent veterinary graduates develop in a collaborative and supportive practice setting, with experienced guidance at each step of the way.

      • Structured mentorship from your first day
      • Member of a network of highly-skilled and accomplished veterinarians
      • Join a stable and growing organization
      • Pathways to ownership

      Student Veterinarians

      Partner and build a group practice.

      Not quite sure of what type of veterinary organization you would like to be a part of? We’re here to help you launch your career in a flexible, supportive and well-resourced veterinary organization.

      • Access to mentorship as a student
      • Opportunities in multiple geographies
      • Stability and track record of a larger professional organization
      • Fun and friendship with many peers